Jaklynde "Lyn" Tamset




It was said that the baby killed her mother in savagery and spite when she was born. It was said that the child was responsible for every fight the village kids had, and that the teen murdered a man in reckless rage when he would not indulge her advances. None of these were remotely true, but they didn’t need to be. Lyn learned early on that she would always be judged unless she could hide it, and while that wasn’t impossible it was often difficult. She hated her orc side more than anyone, but still felt that she would not be able to get a fair trial in these lands.

Running from racism and accusations of murder both, she fled Ilionass and found safe harbor in a small logging camp on the slopes of the Blackspires… those mountains where her mother had once traveled. The other lumberjacks quickly saw her merit with an axe, and Lyn was thankful that they either couldn’t tell her parentage or else chose not to bring it up.

Even a good reputation can be a dangerous thing, though, and small communities like to both start and exagerate rumors. She started becoming known as one of memorable strength, as “she who chopped the petrified forest,” and she grew too fearful of being recognized. It was time to flee once again, this time into the unwitting arms of the party.

Lyn currently hates orcs, and some other half-orcs, to essentially a racist degree. She blames them for all the hardships of her life. She also faces constant barriers to her intelligence… it feels like she can almost reach to the memories or problem solving she needs to, but it gets difficult and thoughts turn to violence and retribution against those that would harm others (she blames this on her parentage too, though it could stem from any number of causes). She is a woman pushed too far and can sometimes feel that, if society is going to blame her for breaking laws, there is little point in her adhering to them. She is an inherently good person, though: any moments of bad temper are reserved for those that deserve such attention. Sometimes unable to stop herself from lashing out, she tries (and often fails) to make up for it after-the-fact through healing (medicine / herbalism) or prayer (religion).

She currently goes by the nickname “Lyn” to avoid those seeking her for the murder charge. Her birth name is Jaklynde Tamset, due to being named by her mother. She excels in any physical act she wants her body to do, though has a love-hate relationship with it due to not particularly liking herself.

I do not know what secret you’d like to do for her Discovery feature; it could be that she learned something about her orc father, her human mother, something dwarven due to her pursuit of that language, or something sinister she stumbled across while felling timber. She’s not exactly a sage hermit, though does seek out self understanding and inner peace a bit like a monk would.

1st Level
Fighter (Champion)
Chaotic Good
Deity: Pelor
Admires Ioun, but feels unable to achieve personal balance.
Family has suggested Melora, but she almost sees it as an insult for some reason.

Reason: I was exiled for a crime I didn’t commit
Feature: Discovery
Trait 1: I feel empathy for all who suffer
Trait 2: I get lost in my thoughts, becoming oblivious of my surroundings
Ideal: Self-Knowledge; learning about oneself
Bond: I entered seclusion to hide from those hunting me; I must someday face them
Flaw: I harbor dark, bloodthirsty thoughts that my meditation failed to quell

Ability Scores
17 STR
13 DEX
14 CON
09 INT
11 WIS
10 CHA

Skill Proficiencies

Weapons: Simple, Martial
Armors: Light, Medium, Heavy, Shields
Tools & Kits: Herbalism

Dwarven (interested from shared alphabet)

Relentless Endurance
Great Weapon Fighting
Savage Attacks
Second Wind

Signature Stuff
Greataxe, Handaxe, general affinity with axes (lumberjack tools)
Feats of Athleticism
Attempting to hide her orc side


Jaklynde "Lyn" Tamset

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