Rea Sorret

FF style white mage: a wizard who casts cleric spells.



A young wizard who is honest and trusting, which can make her a bit gullible at times. She is a pacifist forced into action, and for her part tries to subdue opponents non-violently whenever possible. Her spells of protection and healing, however potent, are dwarfed by her mastery of wielding light as a shield and a weapon: it invigorates her even in the darkest times. Unknown even to her is that she’s not actually human, but aasimar. A secular scholar depending on the campaign she’s in, she doesn’t put stock in religion but starts to form her own secret suspicions. A halo has started to manifest on occasion, which she attempts to cover with a large hood and insists is merely a side effect of her experiments on light magic.

“Rea Sorret” are the first syllables of Aerith, Rosa and Terra spelled backwards. She’d be a good asset for Final Fantasy inspired worlds, able to easily fit into the “innocent healing girl who’s secretly an angel” category made so popular in JPRGs. Or with a slight reskin she could serve as the magical healer for a setting that doesn’t have or rely on deities.


Arcanist (White Mage) 7
Lawful Good
Abilty Score Modifier
Knowledge (Arcana, Geography, History, Nobility), Linguistics, Spellcraft, Use Magic Device

Race and Class Features

Scion of Humanity
Aasimar heavenly ancestry is extremely distant. Count as both aasimar and human. Can pass for human without the need for Disguise checks.

Can manifest a halo. Light spell centered above head. +2 Intimidate vs evil creatures. +2 to saves vs Dazzle and Blind.

Deathless Spirit
Resistance 5 vs negative energy. Don’t lose hp on negative levels. +2 saves vs death effects, energy drain, negative energy, and necromancy spells and abilities.

+2 Diplomacy and Perception.

Bloodline Development (Celestial)
Light ray damages evil targets or heals good targets for 1d4. Can boost to 1d4+3 by spending 1 arcane reservoir point. Can cast 6 times per day.

Metamagic Knowledge (Merciful)
Alter your lethal spell to deal nonlethal damage instead.

School Understanding (Life)
When casting a spell with one or more targets, can heal an amount equal to the spell’s level, divided any way you choose. By spending 1 arcane reservoir point, can separately take 1d6+3 nonlethal damage to grant touched recipient that many temporary hp for 1 hour. Can cast 6 times per day.

Spontaneous Healing
Can replace any memorized spell with that level’s Cure Wounds spell by spending 1 arcane reservoir point.

Can cast Daylight once per day.


Heavenly Radiance
This aasimar feat grants additional utility for their racial Daylight power, as well as increases its number of uses per day. The last Rea started at a high enough level to have this feat four times, but that will change depending on the campaign she’s remade for. The general rule of thumb, though, is as you buy into this feat you can concentrate the power of daylight into beam attacks.


Rea has long been drawn to light magic, making it her focus at university. She can often be seen experimenting with altering the shape and properties of light. The also has a strong compulsion to not hurt others, often applying the non-lethal metamagic feat while brushing off concerns as to why she actually feels that way.

For non-light spells, she prefers defensive abjuration buffs and those mental effects which pacify enemies. She also has access to healing spells and effects, though admittedly it will never quite be on par with a cleric, and towards the end of her first run she began to struggle a bit with keeping the heals up.

Background Traits

Religon: Strength of the Sun
During the day, you gain a +1 trait bonus on all Charisma-based checks.

Magic: Child of the Moon
+1 Stealth. This increases to +2 on nights from the first to the last quarter, and +4 during a full moon (Rea stealths better the more moonlight there is).

Drawback: Shadow-Scarred
Whenever you are in an area of dim light or darkness, you take a –1 penalty on saving throws.

  • Rea receives at least one more positive trait, due to taking the drawback.

Rea Sorret

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