Daireen Lonagan

Noblewoman whose family wields thorn magic.


(I’m not thrilled with her name, just had a bit of writer’s block and turned to a generator! I’m sure this will change.)


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Daughter of a small but noble line. Their lack of heavy political power, combined with Daireen having a few older siblings, means that so far she’s been able to live something of a charmed life: spending most of her days hunting in the Kingswood instead of impressing ambassadors or being married off. It also allows her to spend time with the villagers and homesteaders under their care.

The Lonagans are a tenacious lot, sometimes as guarded and prickly as their crest of thorns suggests. Many know that any member of the family has the ability to cast the secret magic of thorns. What is largely unknown, though, is that this power first came about due to a pact six generations ago with a sly fey named Bloodbriar. The current family fears some foul devilry must have been at play that day, and privately wonder what the cost could be and if they can continue to keep it secret from the peasants of their holdings. Many of them fear the sixth or seventh generation could witness a great calamity. The magic itself is something of a family trademark, though, and Daireen is more in tune with this magic and some others, perhaps as she’s had more leisure time to practice at it.

In a GoT sense, House Lonagan would be bannermen: too small to exert political power on their own, and vassals in service to a larger clan. They don’t care much for deception or manipulation. Like their thorns they prefer to present a gentle but firm warning not to trespass into their affairs; those that get too close earn slowly escalating prods that backing off would be in everyone’s best interests. They are close with their lord’s house and another small one, both of which they traditionally serve as the muscle for, leaving them to any court intrigues. It is not uncommon to see Lonagan guards in any of the lord’s territories for that very reason, with their signature morning stars and spiked armor.


Human (Variant)
Ranger 4
Neutral Good
Abilty Score Modifier
History, Insight, Perception, Persuasion, Stealth, Survival


Paying the Thorn Price (Giant Killer)
Those who would pluck the rose must brave the thorns. When a Large or larger creature within 5 feet attacks, Daireen can use her reaction to attack that creature immediately after (as long as it can be seen).

Fighting Style (Close Quarters Shooter)
Gain +1 bonus to ranged attack rolls. Ranged attacks within 5 feet of a hostile creature are not rolled with disadvantage. Ranged attacks ignore half cover and three-quarters cover if they are within 30 feet.

Favored Enemy (Beasts)
Knowledge of animals, and bonuses against them.

Natural Explorer (Forests)
Knowledge of the Kingswood and similar terrain.

Primeval Awareness
Sense certain beings within one mile, or within six miles if in a forest.


Magic Initiate (Druid)
All members of this family have access to thorn magic due to the pact (they each have this human variant feat at level one, regardless of what class they choose to be). Daireen knows Shillelagh and Thorn Whip as cantrips, and can cast Entangle once per long rest.

Resilient (Wisdom)
Many of this House can tap into the fey’s past promise, to stab themselves with the ethereal “essence” of thorns. This mental jab hurts just enough that it brings back focus and clarity, helping to break mind-altering affects; it also means they’ve built up a tolerance to dealing with pain from its more traditional sources. Daireen gains proficiency on Wisdom saving throws due to this increased willpower.


She can only ever cast thorn magic, though as you can see that still leaves a bit of wiggle room. At the DM’s option they could have such spells emit an evil aura, depending on their thoughts for the campaign, though Daireen herself would be unaware of it. Otherwise it could just as easily come from a standard druidic source.

Spell Effect
Alarm Mental thorns prod her awake subtly (cannot cast the audible version)
Ensnaring Strike After attacking, thorns enwrap target.
Entangle Target rooted to spot. Uses young thorn buds that haven’t grown enough to pierce. (Special: a once per day power.)
Hail of Thorns Arrow bursts into a rain of thorns.
Shillelagh Enchants club to use her wisdom score in battle. Uses young thorn buds that haven’t grown enough to pierce.
Thorn Whip Melee spell deals damage and drags target towards her (and usually through dangerous terrain or caltrops).


Position of Privilege (Noble)
Thanks to her noble birth, people are inclined to think the best of her. She is welcome in high society, and people assume she has the right to be wherever she is. The common folk make every effort to accomodate her and avoid her displeasure, and other people of high birth treat her as a member of the same social sphere. She can secure an audience with a local noble if she needs to. She (like all nobles) are some of the privileged few legally allowed to hunt game in the Kingswood.

Personality Trait: Bearing
None can doubt by my regal bearing that I’m a cut above the unwashed masses.

Personality Trait: Adored
My common folk love me for my kindness and generosity.

Ideal: Obligation
It is my duty to protect and care for the people beneath me.

Bond: Alliance
My house’s alliance with another noble family must be sustained at all costs.

Flaw: Scandal
My family hides a truly scandalous secret that could ruin them forever.

Flaw: Bloodbriar’s Bargain (New)
This family often uses thorns in addition to, or in place of, other spell components. These are destroyed after use, though, and when supplies are running low sometimes a sacrifice must be made. Anyone from House Lonagan may hold out a rose, bramble or similar plant and violently yank off the needed thorns with an exposed hand (as the blood is just as important) allowing them to cast the spell. Afterwards the wound is painful enough to grant disadvantage on any roll in which that hand is being used, until either it’s healed or a long rest occurs. It can only be used twice in this way, at which point both hands are too injured to proceed. The DM may impose this flaw at any time she tries to cast.


Daireen Lonagan

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