The Forger Gronn

A dwarven smith who made a deal with a devil.




Despite years of hard work, Kalderak Gronn never seemed to measure up to the other dwarven smiths. With uninspired designs that showed neither power nor potential he could only get work making nails and horseshoes for the surface world. Disguising himself as a humble chimney sweep named Bofin Thirvo, he offered to clean his peers’ forges as a way to steal their secrets. Kalderak found he had better luck crafting lies intead of weapons, forging documents instead of armor. None of it ever appealed to him, but he just couldn’t see how to compete any other way. The downward slide became easier but ultimately, even taking their plans and techniques did not seem to help his own skill any.

Enter Dispater: the devilish lord of the City of Dis, whose hot iron walls scalded at the touch and whose tower fortress was infamous for its unmatched defenses. Seeing an opportunity the fiend offered Kalderak a pact: he would ensure supernatural success in smithing and the lucrative business it would lead to… for a time. The dwarf was as desperate as he was unwise and agreed to the terms with little hesitation.

A few years later and Kalderak has become a renowned forger, channeling his newfound magic through his smithing hammer. Many know his name and the quality arms and armors it promises. None know his secret, though, and he’s beginning to worry about the future debt that must be repaid. He finds himself more and more donning his chimney sweep disguise in an attempt to hide from Dispater, half-praying over a jangling mass of holy symbols to every deity and then some.


Shield Dwarf
Warlock 2
Goodish though Misguided
Abilty Score Modifier
Arcana, Deception, Religion, Sleight of Hand. Tools: Smithing, Disguise, Forgery.


He can see in dim light up to 60 feet away, and up to 30 in non-magical darkness.

As a dwarf, Kalderak can make History checks related to stone as if he had double the proficiency bonus.

Eldritich Invocation: Armor of Shadows
He can cast Mage Armor on himself at will.

Eldritich Invocation: Eldritch Sight
Now versed in magical items, he can cast Detect Magic at will.

Dark One’s Blessing
When Kalderak uses the weapons he makes on enemies, he feels proud and more alive (along with a hidden helping of devilry). If he reduces a hostile creature to 0 hit points he immediate gains 4 temporary hit points. Note that warlocks gain a lot of temp HP, but none of these sources stack with each other: the player must decide each time whether to take the new or keep the old at its current number.


(Figure if used for a live game.)


Kalderak learns two types of spells: harnessing the hellfire he uses to smith, and buffing weapons and armor. Most of the later unfortunately only affect himself, but it’s easy enough to say that he doesn’t realize his own lost soul are the coals that keep fueling such enhancements (ie, Dispater can’t help or harm those that haven’t signed a contract with him).

His arcane focus is his humble hammer, enchanted by Dispater to take on powerful and warlike proportions. It is currently a warhammer weapon that glows with red hot runes whenever he casts a spell. (To keep this fair without the need for houserules, he’s bought a focus and has it permanently attached to the head of his warhammer; the weapon is not currently magical itself, though through warlock level-ups it grows more powerful and wicked looking over time.) Even though Kalderak can soon summon temporary weapons, since his hammer is his focus he must dual wield to actually be able to use them. Or put another way, he needs to be holding his warhammer in at least one hand to maintain any spell with a duration of Concentrate.

Spell Effect
Blade Ward Kalderak strengthens his armor, protecting him from non-magical weapons
True Strike Kalderak’s weapon is so finely made, that it can sometimes strike with supernatural precision
Burning Hands Dispater’s hellish forge fire engulfs those foolish enough to come too close
Armor of Agathys Kalderak smiths an arcane icy enchantment on his armor
Expeditious Retreat Kalderak enchants his boots, making him as fast as a bat out of hell
Mage Armor Creates spectral armor around Kalderak if he’s not wearing any
Detect Magic Can sense enchanted objects in the vicinity


False Identity (Charlatan)
He’s created a second identity that includes documentation, established acquaintances, and disguises that allow him to assume that persona. This identity is Bofin Thirvo: a humble sort of janitor / chimney sweep that cleans forges. He originally crafted the guise to spy on his fellow smiths to learn their secrets, but now he really uses it to try and hide from the devil he made a pact with. Bofin is basically a level 0 peasant who’s down on his luck. Kalderak can also forge documents including official papers and personal letters, as long as he has seen an example of the kind of document or the handwriting to copy. He’s done this to help cement his position with the guild artisans.

Personality Trait: Risky
He’s a born gambler who can’t resist taking a risk for a potential payoff.

Personality Trait: Religish
He keeps multiple holy symbols on him and invokes whatever deity he thinks might protect him from Dispater at any given moment.

Ideal: Apiration
He’s determined to make something of himself.

Bond: Guarded
He sabotaged a vengeful smith, and must be ever watchful for his return.

Flaw: Hubris
He’s convinced that no one could ever fool him, the way he fools others.


The Forger Gronn

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